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Red Sonja (Color and background by Pedro Figue / Line-art Toshinho) 

This is sort of a memorial piece of mine because I drew this when I was having a difficult time working in France couple years ago. People and the country was great but the studio that I worked for was one of the worst I’ve experienced. My creative energy had no where else to go inside the studio, so I did better stuff at home and this was definitely one of them…

ATTENTION (Please Read)

Just today Pedro Figue an excellent artist and friend of mine sent me this image that I have forgotten about. It brought back memory because I haven’t had contact with him since my days in France. I ONLY DID THE LINE ART and all beauty in this piece is brought to you by Pedro who gave her amazing colors and background art. He is the real artist behind this piece and made it ‘complete’. Back when I initially posted this on dA, viewers gave me much credit than I deserve and perhaps not too much for the colorist/painter. If it wasn’t for him, my lines would have only been a simple pinup…

While I convince Pedro to create account on Tumblr, please visit his page at deviantART.

Pedro’s old account @ deviantART
Has more art here…

New account with less art
This account is still waiting for more art to be posted…


Look at THAT. Gorgeous!

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